Wed November 9, 2022
11:00 pm

Freestyler Belgrade

Make Me Famous is our newest party brand taking place every Sunday! We all live in a digital world today and therefore this Sunday night got the name " Make Me Famous " Inviting all celebrities and those who are on a journey to become one. Celebrity means being celebrated and that can be done in many ways, with that in mind this party is for everyone who likes to be around people that strives to become a better version of themselves every day. The night is dedicated to the mission of full enjoyment and a fulfilling night out we all need after a long week of working towards our future. .

Freestyler Nightclub is the hottest place to be if you're looking for a great party in Belgrade with a 10-year history and a lot of new local and international DJ's. We created a fun environment dedicated to many celebrities we admire. Along with our dance performers dressed in worldwide famous characters we all know. You can expect every Sunday slightly different characters and activities during the night. We will also have lots of " win a prize" games for every guest in our club. .
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