In Belgrade,
every night is Friday night. Everyone is ready to party all the time and dance the night away till the break of dawn, no matter weekday or weekend. In Belgrade, it's hard to resist the temptation when you know that on any given night the clubs are packed of beautiful people having fun
How did Belgrade become the world’s nightlife capital?
During the ’90s, Serbia went through the roughest patch in its recent history. The break-up of Yugoslavia, civil war, UN sanctions, hyperinflation, and high unemployment made sure that the only entertainment Belgraders had back in those days was the one they created themselves. Something changed in people’s minds and – despite all the hardships of living in the capital of a nation that’s was falling apart – the local nightlife industry boomed, taking clubbing to an art form. Everyone absolutely loved it.
The first thing that foreigners notice in Belgrade is the beauty and hospitality of its people. Historically speaking, Belgrade was always the meeting point between the West and the East, making the best of both worlds. The eastern physical appearance and western fashion make Serbian women and men among the most beautiful in the world. The Serbian appetite for making friends and having a good time is unmatched, like partying and drinking.
Today Belgrade is probably one of the most popular party destinations in the world. Belgrade's clubbing scene has so much to offer for even the most demanding clubbers. From daytime parties to the early morning after party venues. For most European cities, it is unimaginable to have dozens of clubs fully packed every day of the week.
The clubs in Belgrade, in general, do not charge entrance fees. Which doesn't mean you can come and go as you wish. Reserving your place at a standing bar table or a luxury VIP sofa is a must. Face control at the club entrance ensures that You are surrounded by beautiful happy people dressed for the occasion. The clubbing industry in Belgrade heavily invests in sound and lighting systems as well as other sideshows and perks to make Your nightlife experience truly unique.
What are splavs?
But what is really unimaginable for most cities around the world are so-called "splavs" the crown jewel of Belgrade's nightlife scene. Splavs are river pontons, and now imagine being in a club that is floating on one of Belgrade's rivers. Once warmer weather hits Belgrade (which is usually the beginning of May), the summer night club season starts. The party scene moves to the Sava and Danube rivers that come to life with the pumping music and bright lights of the splav clubs, of which the most famous is Freestyler with its 20-year tradition. So if you are a serious party lover and you think you have seen it all think again, Belgrade is THE party destination for you and has it all from restaurants with exquisite cuisine to floating nightclub
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